Sunday, January 22, 2012

Mayfield Road- Didn't expect that climb!

I wanted to ride from home today, and I haven't actually done that since we moved to the new place.  So I mapped out a route, and decided to bike over to brookhaven, and then over to Tyrone Rd, and then across Mayfield Rd to Snake hill.  I grabbed my TCX (CX bike) and headed out the door into the very sunny 45 degree weather.  I had intended on doing a little more than the route above, but that's as far as I made it.  This is why.  Mayfield kicked my ass!  How am I so tired after only biking 15 miles!!!

I didn't expect the 3.5 miles of climbing, where I reached over 2300ft and a net climb of 1100ft+ in 3.5 miles!!!  And it wasn't paved, or even dirt: it was rutted, ice covered, sharp rock insanity- huge water holds, and shear rock to climb.  I didn't have to stop once, and even with the 700x32 tires and 75psi I only really started to slide on the ice once....I love my CX bike!  But I really think I would have done better on a mountain bike...or at least my heart rate wouldn't have been hitting 180+ so many times.

It was a blast...but man am I tired now.  But worth it...what a view!  Very unexpected!

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